Beyond Fog Computing *

HitSeed has developed Sensor Computer, a highly versatile and extensible platform for developing independent, battery-operated sensor computers.


Sensor Computer platform provides a complete end-to-end hardware and software solution for a wide variety of connected business and consumer products. With Sensor Computers, HitSeed’s customer companies can focus their skills and R&D effort on software and services and leave the complex hardware and system questions to HitSeed.

Sensor Computer is primed for developing connected devices in cases where speed, size, cost and power consumption are critical. It can be incorporated into various mobile or stationary form factors.

Key technical features of Sensor Computer platform include:

Cell-battery powered device with 1+ year battery life. Larger battery packs are also supported, providing up to 10 year battery life

ARM Cortex-M based microcontroller, software platform and programming tools to provide independent and updateable local intelligence and reprogrammability directly at the Sensor Computer

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) radio and beacon functionality for local/group/internet connectivity, proximity, location sensing and crowd intelligence. Cellular connectivity for long range communication needs.

On-board sensoring: A six-axis sensor for accurate vibration, movement and direction sensing, analog-to-digital (ADC) converter and algorithms for measuring and analyzing analog signal sources, and real-time signal processing for detecting patterns in sensor data

Easy extensibility via shields and scripts for adding new sensors and functionality

Developer tools and libraries for mobile applications development and cloud integration

* Fog computing pushes applications, data and computing away from centralized point to the end points of the a network infrastructure, typically routers, gateways and local hubs. Sensor Computer doe the computing directly at the sensor device supported by surrounding infrastructure and cloud, thus the name “sensor computer”.