Professional Services

HitSeed services range from consulting to developing concepts and commercial products for Internet of Things / Industrial Internet. We have worked with a number of companies and cases from startups to industry leaders in U.S., Europe, and Asia. Below are some recent case examples. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you in your needs.


HitSeed developed a next generation logistics monitoring concept and demo for its global partners’ industry clientele. The demo showcases monitoring industrial equipment with a cost-efficient, intelligent sensor that can dynamically change its behavior. During shipping our device can monitor impact and transport conditions, during installation the device monitors industrial equipment’s positioning and movements, and during use the device is programmed to monitor abnormal vibrations and behavior. Our solution covers the entire life-cycle of the logistics with minimal cost. It can be used in various smart boxes or retrofitted directly into a wide range of industrial equipment.


HitSeed is working with a services specialist to build a next generation solution for industrial equipment monitoring. Our sensors monitor continuously target equipment and identify needs for maintenance, utilization, and predict potential malfunctions. The device enables untapped markets with offline operation, battery based operation, and easy retrofitting. This solution will be commercially available in 1H2017.


HitSeed helped its international system integrator partner to develop a next-generation sports wearable proof-of-concept (POC) for one of its market leader customers. HitSeed provided the Sensor Computer platform, SDK, and developer support for the development team and assisted in implementing the demo. The project was completed in a very ambitious schedule and under budget. The demo exceeded all expectations and received an excellent response from our client’s customers.


HitSeed developed a monitoring concept, algorithms and solution for a building inspection specialist. The device is designed to independently collected and analyze sensor data without the need for external infrastructure. Sensors can be moved easily and data collection and analysis can be flexibly changed. Monitoring devices have been used in pilots and are now entering a commercial deployments.


HitSeed helped an international startup in architecting and developing an innovative, first-of-its-kind textile sensor solution for intelligent clothes. The sensor is able to detect and measure pressure, stretch, movement, and touch, and interact with a mobile application and cloud services.  The resulting product is applicable to multiple use cases ranging from sports to facility management and occupancy monitoring.