HitSeed is a partner for building successful next generation products in IoT, wearables, and beyond.


Our mission is to change how companies, both small and large,  develop new innovative products via modern IoT solutions, digitalization and new collaborative ways of working.

HitSeed was founded by industry and startup veterans to provide tools and services for connected product development. Our track record includes over 1B€ of M&A activities, founding over 25+ companies, international IPR, and working with over 50 industry leaders around the world. We have conducted various business and technology assignments and built numerous products for small and large companies with or without our Sensor Computer IoT platform.

Our typical assignments include:

Building a vision and strategy for connected devices related businesses

Concepting, development, and design of connected products using our own Sensor Computer and/or other technology platforms

Advanced technology evaluation and development, including quick pilots/PoCs

Building an agile operating model and co-creation approach for connected device business

Planning, sourcing, and scaling production from prototyping to commercial products at mass scale